Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who's the king?

A road sign on the way to Jerusalem, Israel.

1. The sign "ELVIS" is for a restaurant ahead with a very big sculpture of Elvis.
2. The Hebrew sign at the lower left corner is stating "Long live the king messiah", with the picture of the "
the lubavitcher rebbe", which is Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the one that many members of the Chabad Jewish movement believe to be the messiah (He died a while ago, but that didn't stop them from still believing he is the messiah...).

Friday, December 31, 2004

Short ones

In this post I will add from time to time some short pieces of text I have created, hoping they are my originals (I will try to remember and perform a web search before posting new pieces).

The Hebrew version of this post, plus some extra text in Hebrew can be found
here, in my Hebrew blog.

Everything told about me after my death will be true
Anything told about me after my death will be true

Why do lawyers have big eyes? Because of the small letters

Poetry is the sculpting of words
(I have found an earlier public version of this quote in
Poetry is sculptured words

Marriage is life sentence. Children are forced labor.

Silence is the voice of eternity
Silence is the sound of eternity

Technology is like sex. No Hands On - No Fun.

Imagination is a rebellion against reality
Imagination is rebelling reality


The net is the world's greatest democracy
(I have found this quote in a
genealogy newsgroup, from 1997)
The internet is the world's greatest democracy

Thriller = At most fear

One of the reasons that may lead to the failure of the feminist revolution is that there are more man now

I live in the space behind my face

Raising children is like playing rugby – running forward but passing backwards

The computerized definition of a pope going to heaven: Pope-Up

The entrepreneur's victory call, after a successful money raising for its start-up: Veni, Vidi, VC

Leader is the loneliest profession in the world
(After creating this saying, I have searched for the term "leader is the loneliest" and found this quote: "Being a leader is the loneliest job available. You have the most responsibility, everyone scrutinizes your every move. The true leader has the least freedom. The true leader has great moral and ethical responsibility." from the book "Blue Blood, True Blood" by Stewart Swerdlow)

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